Social Responsibility will always be of high importance to GMI, aiming to be continuously dedicated to the community and contributing to environmental, economic and social progress.

Corporate Social Responsibility

“CSR is a corporation’s initiatives to asseess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social well-being.”


GMI sponsored three major art related events in 2015 as part of its belief in Lebanon’s cultural diversity and artistic freedom.

Previous Projects

● 2010-2018: Beiteddine Festival
● June 2015: University of Alba Event – Beiteddine
● November 2014-2015: La Nuit des Mabrouk – Tribute to Lebanese Cinema


Sports will continue to be of high importance to GMI as a company operating under the insurance sector.

Previous Projects

● September 2015: Annual Youth Sports Event at AUB
● 2015-2016: Houssam El-Dine Hariri Tournament

Environment & Health

Sponsoring-related events is an opportunity for us to partake in the maintenance of a fit environment.

Previous Projects

● 2018: Rotary Presidential Peacebuilding Conference: water, sanitation, hygiene & peace (Phoenicia Hotel)
● 2017: “Ma Tmahel Sohtak” Health and Medical Awareness Campaign (Beirut, Bekaa, Chehim)

UNGC Reports

GMI is a proud participant in the United Nations Golbal Compact and affirms its support to the Ten Principles in the area of human rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption

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