About Us
Being one of the members of GroupMed Insurance Network, GroupMed Insurance and Reinsurance Company S.A.L. (“GMI” or the “Company”) is its flagship in Lebanon. Since its incorporation in 1983 as a joint stock company, GMI continues to operate as an insurance and reinsurance company. The company proudly entrusts the heritage of GroupMed and dedicates to serve the clients insurance needs.

The Company obtained its license of operation from the Lebanese Insurance Control Commission (“ICC”) on 5 April 1984 and is registered under M.O.E.T License Number 204 and with the Commercial Register of Beirut under number 1020056.

Carrying on with the heritage and values of its shareholder BankMed S.A.L., GMI continues to serve the Lebanese economy by providing a sophisticated set of insurance products attending to the insurance needs of its clients with a support from highly skilled team.

Today, the Company enjoys the presence of an outstanding team including its CEO Mr. Omar Bilani, a well-known profile in the insurance sector. Mr. Bilani has more than 35 years in the insurance industry and has compiled an enviable track record of developing insurance companies into performing entities.

Our highly trained team focuses on efficient resolution of claims and act without delay to insure clients are aware of the coverage options for the policies they contracted. GMI commitment is to meet each client own insurance needs.